Nauta®+, the new parametric editor for 3D printing, it’s presented by DWS at EuroMold 2014!

It can import several 3D file formats: it easily places and duplicates the objects on the platform and applies advanced tools like manual and automatic supporting.

Automatic support: DWS has collected a list of strategies to easily support objects of different shapes.
Parametric engine: The tools inside Nauta®+ are parametric so that you can modify the result of a tool everytime you want.
Watch Nauta®+ presentation video!

The resulting objects are sent to FICTOR®, the new machine controller that can work with all DWS machines and can produce high quality 3D objects. FICTOR® directly controls the 3D printer just by specifying the building material and it performs ongoing calculations (slicing, compensations, etc.).


Transformations: translate, rotate, uniform scale, snaps to grid
Explode: separates object parts
Positioning: sets object position, rotation and scaling, orients objects to predefined directions, moves object to platform zero and center it, align object along predefined directions
Automatic supporting: automatically creates supports with optimized distribution, sets several support distribution and size parameters, allows manual editing of single supports
Supports editing: creates tree-shaped supports, adds/removes support branches, sets several size/shape parameters
Automatic base: automatically creates a base for selected supports or objects, sets base thickness and overhang, creates lattice structure between supports to strengthen support build
Replicate: creates rectangular/polar/mirrored copies of selected objects.


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