CNC Machines

CNC (computer numerically controlled) mills cut 3D objects out of durable materials and are widely used in modern manufacturing. They enable rapid prototyping in workshops and improve the speed and efficiency of factory lines. Yet most mills are costly and difficult to use, keeping them out of reach for individuals and small businesses.

The Othermill changes the game. It brings CNC milling technology to a size and price that will fit in your home or office. Its revolutionary simplicity makes it possible for everyone – whether a novice or trained engineer – to create high-quality finished products.

When we designed the Othermill, we made a number of careful decisions about materials, construction, and components. We wanted to produce a machine that would be easy to use, but output high quality parts. The Othermill stands out in appearance, because it is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is chemical resistant and moisture proof, leading to a longer lasting machine.


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