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Assembled Printrbot Plus

by Printrbot
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The Assembled Printrbot now brings key upgrades to the existing Plus v2.1. The upgrades bring a larger, stronger, and smarter product. With these upgrades Printrbot retained the laser cut birch construction, 12mm Z-axis rods, aluminum bearing blocks, 3/8″ Acme rods, GT2 belts/pulleys, and a sample of 1.75mm filament.


  • Materials:

    ABS, PLA

  • Build Volume:

    10″ x 10″ 10″

  • Software Notes:

    Raspberry Pi loaded with Octoprint (control the Printrboard over Wi-Fi

  • Connectivity:

    Micro USB cable

  • Product Size:

    22 x 23 x 24 in

  • Weight:

    28 lbs


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