Scanners and Others

Model and Brand Description Price
731a297285fbdbfbbc360b3749d0b819b4b1b58f thumb Cricut Expression 2
by Cricut
With the Cricut Expression® 2, you'll be able to bring all those wonderful ideas swirling around ... $1 - $1,000
5271aead98d1a4f7bbd41beaa40320c6d14c275f thumb Cricut Expression Machine
by Cricut
Whether you’re designing a scrapbook of your family vacation or making 200 wedding invitations fo... $1 - $1,000
36e4e44f0fd3e347eabb8bad2a982e6c39d3e19e thumb DAVID SLS-2
by David Laser Scanner
The DAVID SLS-2 is our no. 1 recommendation! It is fast, flexible and mobile, and creates most a... $1,000 - $5,000
67336d462612f0224b91d768b17d0a14a5d54d74 thumb David 3D Scanner
by David Laser Scanner
DAVID-laserscanner is a very low-cost system for contact-free scanning of 3d objects. The only ha... $1 - $1,000
Ccb0c224d1e280b662a9f5180650542178590556 thumb Digitizer
by Makerbot
“ Now anyone can take a 3D object, scan it, and create a digital copy. ” With just two clicks... $1 - $1,000
190ac0e4808b1583d4f99000a7cbe84b18716224 thumb Enhanced EScan Model (2 MP)
by 3D Digital Corp
1280 x 1920 Sensor (2 MP) ... $5,000 - $10,000
721ebb45a6646ea9c8a7aab17856b84ec64efa0d thumb FiberMark (24 and Fusion)
by Epilog Laser
The FiberMark Laser series is your solution for etching and marking all types of bare metals and ... $20,000 - $40,000
D8e932e7550398e51f9c527838a08e877f16fb68 thumb Fuel 3D Scanner
by Fuel 3D
FUEL3D is an affordable handheld 3D scanning system that delivers extremely high quality 3D shape... $1,000 - $5,000
7fbcfc6e69ee525dcfffd56729c6e8912ad43faa thumb Fusion Series (32 and 40)
by Epilog Laser
Introducing Epilog's Fusion Laser! It's our new concept in laser system design, featuring: ... $10,000 - $20,000
F1cf081ef171ea03592b6b505b907e909064c226 thumb Geomagic Capture
by Geomagic
Geomagic Capture is a family of powerful, integrated scanner and software systems for professiona... $10,000 - $20,000
Eb7ff33ff21ea9139594951161486fb7ca09c7bf thumb Go!Scan 3D Scanner 50
by Creaform
Introducing the Go!SCAN 3D scanners: they’re very fast, delivering consistent high-quality 3D mod... $20,000 - $40,000
A3c7d27c5705cb507c01877e9a20fcc6b826ede5 thumb Kinect
by Microsoft
Technology should intuitively understand us. It should work for us, not the other way around. To... $1 - $1,000
33893f4e639c0aee5b0dd777cba2ca51e545f220 thumb Konica Minolta VIVID 9i
by Konica Minolta
The VIVID 9i, combined with the PSC-1 Photogrammetry system, results in a highly accurate scannin... $5,000 - $10,000
41b983b5e1f5f8ef2128efa842204b7f84944abe thumb Leap Motion Controller
by Leap Motion
The Leap Motion Controller senses how you naturally move your hands and lets you use your compute... $1 - $1,000
7c928afe3bdb362b497f507cf04c790166904ca7 thumb Legend Series (Mini 18, Mini 24 and Helix 24)
by Epilog Laser
The Legend Series features our top-of-the-line CO2 laser systems and is utilized by customers for... $5,000 - $10,000
7f59a6657814d46e5fd8924eba8dd32039bed08a thumb Makerbot Digitizer
by Makerbot
A FAST AND EASY WAY TO CREATE 3D MODELS Quickly turn the things in your world into 3D models th... $1 - $1,000
Discontinued big
Discontinued big
A3c53bdd915802b4b412f9ee626ab83987437b1b thumb Matter & Form Scanner
by Matter & Form
Scan real life. The world’s first truly affordable 3D scanner can now be yours. Make your ideas ... $1 - $1,000
192786fd260a9763e3bf8a56ac544aeb57b4a6ab thumb MetraSCAN 210
by Creaform
Very accurate scanning and probing solutions, whether in lab or on the shop floor. It is ideal fo... $60,000 - $100,000
866527af6d9c0be19d92a604989ca4a31ef3bd68 thumb Next Engine 3D Laser Scanner
by Next Engine
NEXT ENGINE - The #1 Best-Selling 3D Scanner. High Fidelity. Low Price. NextEngine delivers a... $1,000 - $5,000
9466a9d28c9b66264b6533ee995826d60a6db0e3 thumb OptiNum RE
by Noomeo
OptiNum RE is 3D scanner next generation Scan faster, Scan easier, Scan bigger parts, at a c... $20,000 - $40,000