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Built to perform like a big tool, built to be flexible, and built to last.

Our affordable, smaller-sized ShopBot Desktop is a digital fabrication powerhouse. In addition to impressive woodworking capabilities, the Desktop delivers engravinglevel precision and the power and rigidity to machine parts from wood, plastic, aluminum, and other materials. The Desktop can perform a wide range of workbench, prototyping and production projects. And it is a flexible platform to support your growing digital fabrication interests and needs.


  • Product Type:

    Desktop Package with Router or the Desktop Package with Industrial Spindle

  • Specifications:

    Nominal Cutting Area - 24" x 18" x 3.5" .61m x .46m x .089m ...... Total Tool Movement Area - 24" x 18" x 5.5" .61m x .46m x .14m ....... Footprint - Router 36" x 32" x 30" .91m x .81m x .76m Spindle 39" x 32" x 30" .99m x .81m x .76m


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