With Skanect, capturing a full color 3D model of an object, a person or a room has never been so easy and affordable. Skanect transforms your Microsoft Kinect or Asus Xtion camera into an ultra-low cost 3D scanner able to create 3D meshes out of real scenes in a few minutes.

Skanect was developed by ManCTL, a company founded in late 2011 by Nicolas Tisserand and Nicolas Burrus. The company was acquired by Occipital in 2013.


  • Product Type:

    3D scanning software

  • Specifications:

    Also available with USB Hacker Cable for wired connection to Mac or PC desktops
    Compatible with iPad (4th Generation), iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display
    Hackable to work with Android, Linux, Windows and Mac machines

  • OS Requirements:

    Mac OS X
    Windows 64
    Windows 32

  • Hardware Requirements:

    CPU Reconstruction: 2 GB RAM, Quad core processor.
    GPU Reconstruction: 2 GB RAM, Intel Core 2, Cuda 2.0 compatible graphics card, with 1 Gb of memory
    Recommended PC: Windows 7 or later (64 bits), Intel i7, 4 GB RAM, NVidia GTX 560 or higher.
    Recommended Mac: OS X 10.8 or 10.9, Macbook Pro 2012 or Macbook Air 2013.

  • Special Notes:

    Supported Sensors:


    Download and install OpenNI 2 32 bit or OpenNI 2 64 bit.

    Mac OS X:

    No extra setup is necessary.


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