Model and Brand Description Price
3a9be94d182bd02ab482bfa780dcde8c654784ad thumb Buildtak
by Build Tak
BuildTak is a thin, durable plastic sheet that adheres to the print bed of FDM (fused deposition ... $1 - $100
959b06b4a66bccc7d13021d495d6924f69d26979 thumb Glass Printing Plate Kit for 3D Printers
by 3D Fuel
Glass is a universal print surface for 3D Printing. Almost all types of filament will print to gl... $1 - $100
739b25f93fa816c5cd781c7445bf4fa231b71808 thumb Winbo ABS Filament
by Winbo Tech
Compatible with any FDM Desktop 3D Printer $1 - $100
Dbb709c0a9a1c1c9fd35cb39725fa66874a8a597 thumb Winbo PLA Filament
by Winbo Tech
Can be used in any FDM Desktop 3D printer $1 - $100
Badb137222f4cae9dd8a70ce555b3717bd9e9097 thumb Winbo PETG Filament
by Winbo Tech
Compatible with any FDM Desktop 3D printer $1 - $100
B793140c33eacf573d967151f0b2c26fa66410ab thumb 6 LED Super Bright Light Strip
by Onlinefilament
6 LED Super Bright Light Strip. Approx 4" Long 1/4" Wide. With 3M adhesive on back for easy insta... $1 - $100
157f66a976a51b1a4b265663d823ec10ab49bb11 thumb Scanner Targets
by Fuel 3D
Pack of 10 Fuel3D Scanner Tracking Targets. Sticky backed precision optical tracking target to be... $1 - $100
001703624d4a436b006a16e87157f0ba0adf0d02 thumb LAYBRICK
by CC Products
Specifications: near zero warp ideal for jumbo-printers the objects are ink-able, grind-able... $1 - $100
3d960bd00e5573543aed165428fa63acc203299e thumb Nylon 618 Filament
by Taulman 3D
taulman3D is today releasing a new high strength Nylon co-polymer to testers around the world for... $1 - $100
0513a223768adbf0eb4f0285deba3b907a6e2200 thumb Laywoo-D3 Filament
by CC Products
LAYWOO-D3 is a wood-based 3D printing filament invented by Kai Parthy and is designed for the Rep... $1 - $100
Cf2be9782c7c9ca0d8472f2a73ec85d025e03afb thumb BEESUPPLIES Filament
Compatible with the BEETHEFIRST 3D printer $1 - $100
0d9ebe810c8059cdc1ea16d4ad2c9620128f1a61 thumb bq Premium PLA
by CubiMap Distribution LLC
Different colors: Blue, Green bottle, Green grass, Grey, White, Transparent, Red, Yellow, Black, ... $1 - $100
E87c513b9449151bc8b0ad42cded04fbc9a0a73b thumb 3mm ABS 1kg rolls
by Onlinefilament
Available in Yellow, Neon, White, Natural, Light Green, Gold, Pink $1 - $100
Ec6572c7d31fb80e87f603bcb6159ef5b3c84bb6 thumb ABS Filament
by Klic-N-Kut
1 Kg of ABS, for 3D Printing. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is less brittle than PLA bu... $1 - $100
De3cb579189314d9f77eeb94ca0f7b56c6c95119 thumb PLA Filament
by Klic-N-Kut
1 Kg of PLA, for 3D Printing. PLA, (Polylactic Acid), is a bioplastic which derrives from corn.... $1 - $100
F1010b603d66d8e08b499b0d9c9c13b00f41d173 thumb JustPLA 3.0MM ABS
by Just PLA
Our 3.0mm ABS filament is made from pure virgin ABS with a range of beautiful semi-glossy Colors.... $1 - $100
81e5b53adfeb5d999aeab8c29e9f980803d8b927 thumb PET +
by MadeSolid
PET+ is stronger than many ABS filaments and has the higher print success rates of PLA. It's idea... $1 - $100
A236d4c7c5b059404d6d051874255eb4247db5bf thumb justpla 3mm filament
by Just PLA
PLA or Polylactic Acid is a biodegradable and carbon-neutral plastic made from corn, tapioca roo... $1 - $100
B1c57838bf927fcf47341a4c8399cec8edd744a6 thumb justpla 1.75mm filament
by Just PLA
Our 1.75mm PLA filament is made from pure virgin PLA with an extended range of beautiful semi-tra... $1 - $100
437fee9bb442b5b3d9db2e95b329fc179b73928a thumb ABS filament
by Zen Toolworks
ABS 1.75 mm 3D printer filament About 2.2 lb, (1 kg) Vacuum packing to insure the quality for a... $1 - $100