Model and Brand Description Price
279e4e211c20fa48fd0a4b24423c78d1d14fdec8 thumb General 3D Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering Applications
by 3D Biotek
100 mm Dish Compatible, FD: 150µ, SP: 200µ - 1 Count/Pack 100 mm Dish Compatible PS scaffold ... $501 - $1,000
183431aa8aab6f6dffe847b33277065888eaac1a thumb PLA 1.75mm 1kg Roll
by 3D Fuel
1.75mm PLA filamenet $1 - $100
3c46de0b127986ce1e6ff0a7885d21606da56c0d thumb ABS 1.75mm Black 1kg Roll
by 3D Fuel
ABS 1.75mm Black 1kg Roll $1 - $100
959b06b4a66bccc7d13021d495d6924f69d26979 thumb Glass Printing Plate Kit for 3D Printers
by 3D Fuel
Glass is a universal print surface for 3D Printing. Almost all types of filament will print to gl... $1 - $100
53c7136ed50b0c2b6447d5c7d2cd05bd63067e6c thumb ABS 1.75 MM FILAMENT
by Afinia 3D
Afinia Value-Line filament works well with the Afinia H-Series 3D printer and other printers that... $1 - $100
07a2cb7074ad5facaf5609fbf6990047d932caef thumb Premiumm ABS Filament
by Afinia 3D
Afinia Premium filament is designed to the extruding specification of the H-Series 3D printer, Th... $1 - $100
Cf2be9782c7c9ca0d8472f2a73ec85d025e03afb thumb BEESUPPLIES Filament
Compatible with the BEETHEFIRST 3D printer $1 - $100
3a9be94d182bd02ab482bfa780dcde8c654784ad thumb Buildtak
by Build Tak
BuildTak is a thin, durable plastic sheet that adheres to the print bed of FDM (fused deposition ... $1 - $100
001703624d4a436b006a16e87157f0ba0adf0d02 thumb LAYBRICK
by CC Products
Specifications: near zero warp ideal for jumbo-printers the objects are ink-able, grind-able... $1 - $100
0513a223768adbf0eb4f0285deba3b907a6e2200 thumb Laywoo-D3 Filament
by CC Products
LAYWOO-D3 is a wood-based 3D printing filament invented by Kai Parthy and is designed for the Rep... $1 - $100
742c3e2e97804cd1e9d8f95d7f20995a210d7edd thumb XT-COPOLYESTER filament
by ColorFabb
XT is developed to be an innovative completion next to our PLA/PHA range. This high strength PETG... $1 - $100
A7ad9e1f395dfd1f95d9d94ee576f51b63c761f1 thumb PLA / PHA Filament
by ColorFabb
Colorfabb developed its own unique blend of PLA/PHA which results in a tougher and less brittle P... $1 - $100
E44ee1a8f474df791a23ee0a6261faec803c549a thumb SPECIAL FILAMENTS
by ColorFabb
The ability to 3d print with various materials on your desktop 3d printer seems to be very import... $1 - $100
C8a5c89831b1c255f0d1fd8d2326ac49f8707fae thumb FilaFlex from Recreus
by CubiMap Distribution LLC
Call us: 1.888.777.1188 $1 - $100
0d9ebe810c8059cdc1ea16d4ad2c9620128f1a61 thumb bq Premium PLA
by CubiMap Distribution LLC
Different colors: Blue, Green bottle, Green grass, Grey, White, Transparent, Red, Yellow, Black, ... $1 - $100
1f78dbd772ed7e6e39d5b404534ed00e239039c1 thumb Deltamaker ABS/PLA Filament
by Deltamaker
Spool Size: Diameter 200mm, Inner Diameter 50mm, Height 75mm. High Precision: 1.75mm Diamater ... $1 - $100
94d62a741e7d3a0c78317f4b1ec8238aeb9ba8bc thumb CP-316 3D Modelling Powder
by Digital Sign Technologies
The all-new CP-516 3D Modelling Powder has been re-designed with an improved formula for 3D print... $251 - $500
01066895310c650051bad0d50b88a60b279a361c thumb CP-316 Black Binder
by Digital Sign Technologies
The all-new CP-316 Color binder has been rigorously tested with powder-based 3D Printers. This pr... $101 - $250
Cd28d359cc585b149167213b6e22e346621f41bf thumb CP-316 Head Cleaner
by Digital Sign Technologies
Maximize your utility and keep your print heads in great quality. Our Head Cleaner comes in 1 Gal... $1 - $100
4f50fc3e67412bbf84ec7a52fe43eaabb7f34a65 thumb CP-316 Magenta Binder
by Digital Sign Technologies
The all-new CP-316 Color binder has been rigorously tested with powder-based 3D Printers. This pr... $101 - $250