CNC Machines

Free-standing unit with integrated cart, motorized Z-axis, auto focus, X-Y beam positioning system with RACER™ motion technology., self-adjusting spring loading bearings, stationary processing table, Multi-beam Combiner, for Quick Change Laser Cartridges, shielded optics, interchangeable focusing optics, flash upgradeable electronics, job complete indicator, system status indicator, relocatable
origin, enhanced vector cutting, 3D engraving and rubber
stamp mode.


  • Product Type:

    Laser Cutter/Engraver

  • Specifications:

    Two 4” (102mm) connections requiring 500 CFM total (250 at each connection) air flow at a static pressure of 6 inches of water (425m3/hr at 1.5kPa each connection).

    Air-cooled, ambient operating range of
    50°-95°F (10°-35°C).
    UL-10, -25, -30, -35, -40, -45, -50, -55 or
    -60 watt air-cooled, RF driven, sealed CO2
    laser(s) in the pre-aligned Quick Change

    Accommodates up to two laser
    cartridges in any power combination.
    Rotary fixture, cutting table, lens kits, coaxial
    air assist with optics protection, dual head,
    USB connection kit and ethernet connection

    Standard 2.0” (50mm) focal length lens in
    enclosed lens cartridge; optional lenses

    Digital power control continuously variable
    from 0 to 100%, automatic proportional
    pulsing and color linked power settings.

    Optimized raster or vector engraving, vector
    cutting or combined vector/raster processes

  • Special Notes:

    Maximimum Part Size: 37” wide x 23” deep x 9” thick
    (939 x 584 x 228mm)

  • Product Size:

    Approximately 345 lbs (156kg)

  • Weight:

    Approximately 345 lbs (156kg)

  • Cutting Area:

    32” x 18” (812 x 457mm)

  • Connectivity:

    Single phase 220 VAC, 15 amp, 50/60 Hz


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