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Kids Creation Station
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When we started this whole big 3D Printing 4 Everyone experiment, one of our missions was to bring 3D Printing to children. A main focus for our site, with our database of 3D Printers, Labs, and Services, and Resource pages has been to provide the information that professors and teachers might need to set up 3D Printing labs and curriculums in schools. And we’re still going to do that; we’re actually creating a 3D modeling and printing curriculum for teachers to use right now. But we’re also doing something else now in order to get 3D Printing into the hands of children…

That thing is Kids Creation Station. What we do with the project is take your child’s drawing, the type that would either be eternally stuck to a refrigerator door or forgotten in a landfill, and make a full-color sandstone 3D sculpture of it, capturing this special, one-of-a-kind piece of your child’s imagination for perpetuity.

Developing Kids Creation Station has been an interesting challenge. It was important that the end product was an excellent quality, faithful 3D translation of the children’s drawing. To accomplish that goal, we have built a team of talented 3D modelers. Mike Clark, our Director of 3D Modelers, is the curator, teacher and general of this corps. All of the drawings are modeled in ZBrush, one of the most sophisticated 3D modeling software programs available.

We had a 3 pronged strategy,
The first prong was the website,

This free website is a wonderful home to save your children's art.

The website design is child friendly and is designed for children to save, tag, favorite and share their art with friends and family.
Along with the website, we built a dedicated android app to streamline the process of uploading a picture to the site. Just capture the image of the art, enter some information about the picture and save it to your Personal Library on

The second prong to our strategy, was our exhibit at the Children’s Museum of the Arts in New York City, “Into the 3rd Dimension: 3D Printing for the Young Artist.” Acting largely as a proof of concept for us, as well as just a really neat thing to do, our exhibit was made up of 3D prints of a selection of pieces from the museum’s collection, which spans over 60 years. We placed the 3D sculptures in dioramas made of the original art in order to create the illusion of them popping out of the pages they have been trapped in for so many years. The exhibit, which launched on November 20th, 2014, and runs until February 20, 2015 is a great way to introduce 3D printing to our target audience in their own terms, and in a place that was already designed to engage and encourage their creativity.

The final prong is the Station part. This is a kiosk where children can place a drawing, snap a picture, add their name and the name of the artwork, and save it to the cloud.
We wanted a place in children’s museums, workshops, school art classes, libraries, and wherever that a child could go to with a drawing and physically be part of the process of uploading it. We feel that getting a child to be fully engaged with technology and feel like more a part of the process than just giving something to their parents. Through this they are put in control of their own art.

The Station is still under construction and will be completed by January 15th, 2015.

But right now, we have Kids Creation Station up-and-running. You can use it right now. You should use it…RIGHT NOW!! We might be biased, but we’re steadfast believers that we are providing the best way to bring out the full potential of your child’s creativity. We’re making the best product around, that doesn’t just have value as an art piece, but the sentimental value of capturing the ephemeral- a small piece of the creativity your child will only have for so much longer. So if you have ever regretted losing a drawing a child close to you trusted you’d keep forever, if you need something to brag to the neighbors about to prove you have a better kid, if you have simply run out of room on the refrigerator but have plenty of space somewhere else; we’re here for you.

Please note that this 3D Printed Sculpture is Art, and not a toy.
When you order your 3D model, you get to choose from 20 colorful dioramas. This diorama will ship with your sculpture for you to display the beautiful, magical art of you child.
Some examples are below:


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