2D Animation Still Going Strong On Television.
4 months ago by albertalley

I was thinking about how the CGI style has been taking over the animated movie world for some time now. And that got me to thinking and noticing just how much traditional animation is still in the spotlight on t.v. 2D animated films, for the most part, have since been moved to the wayside to make way for 3D, supposedly because that's more popular and nobody seems to care about 2D cartoons anymore. Yet there seems to be a lot more room for both 2D and 3D shows (and we still got 2D on t.v. thankfully). So that junk about 2D animation not being so relevant to the viewing public can't be true nor the case (at least as far as the small screen medium goes anyway, I guess) but still. Apparently, otherwise, nobody on here and like-minded sites would beg to differ and disagree. I don't even want to think about if and when 3D overtakes animation on t.v. eventually (and I so hope it never comes to that, I really do, it's bad enough that we've gotten that in movies), but what is your take on this? What's this about exactly? Is it because there's actually an even higher support, popularity and/or demand for both on t.v. or what else could it be? What's the explanation for this? Which I find odd and probably inconsistent.

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