8x10 Album / source or manufacturer, Group shot question
4 months ago by markblake

I have shot portraits of each actor for the local theater group for several years and they have decided that they would like to have them in an album which would be available in the lobby at all plays for theatre goers. They contribute all proceeds over costs to a charity. I do their photos and prints as a contribution, and will likely buy the album for them on the same basis. So, 8x10 pages, large capacity -- I have done 60 or 70 portraits over the last several years, (the process will continue) durable, and reasonably attractive. Suggestions?

On a different note, they also want a few Family Group shots this time. I have done the portraits inside using the stage lighting (Actors at Work Gallery) and they have been well received. Considering doing the family shots outdoors just to differentiate. Would use basic fill flash / reflectors as needed, Late August afternoon. Plan to shoot RAW in this case. Gives me a chance to do something I haven't done in years, flip side, I know the lights inside, an easier course of action. Though I don't get paid, customer satisfaction is the key. What do you think?

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