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7 months ago by victorgrant


Honestly cutting any drama-feeling-statements, but i honestly feel like this is the edge of staying in the game, whatever 4.1 released is grinding enough yet feels like it's not enough to get anything going, in pvp i have get to know every rock and their family just because of how many times i have been in the same pvp map over and over again , same goes for TD (except its a different family), SPEs etc.
Lots of my friends have already left the game and god, just today had 5 of my bffs leave.
So yea im thinking of doing the same but thanks Trion for making me meet lots of awesome people (with the exception of Nixia he's super bad) in this game and connect with them in the social medias and even irl! (met some of the Rifters in my own big city) and wish ya the luck of improving the game

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