Barco DP2000 Bulb Shutting Off During Show
2 months ago by albertalley

We are continuing to experience a problem with the bulb shutting off during shows. We've replaced the filters and are on our 3rd bulb, this last one brand new. It was doing it about once a day. Now, with this new bulb, on the 3rd show today, it shut down 4 times...with the new bulb. Checked alignment and amps when putting in new bulb. Techs in the loop but no solution yet. They thought the bulb would solve it. Temp in the projection room is around 65degrees. Roof fan seems to be working fine and as it always has. Bulb lights right back up when we clear the error message on the controller. Error simply says, "Lamp Error 5324" (not positive that is the exact number) Running both 2D and 3D shows on a 4k bulb. Searched other posts and didn't see anything other than one post that talked about this being a bulb issue. Ideas?

Please help.

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