Beefalo's Banter. Suggestions for future game growth.
4 months ago by albertalley

I have posted several videos on my YouTube channel about things I would love to see added and changed to the game. But before I start listing them here, I do want to say thank you to the dev team for all the hard work making the game what it is today. Now with that being said, here is my list of ideas for the game.

Hire me as the content director or at least as a part time consultant.
. 1 of those boss would at random be the one who has the KEY to unlock the gate. Say there is a nominal 25 player cap in the dark zone. All 25 would have to band together in order to track down and kill those boss to get the key to unlock the gate. Once the gate has been opened, all players in that instance of the dark zone could pass thru it. Each DZ gets harder and harder, and is like the spawn system in Resistance. All roads and passage ways would be blocked off and only a single gate to allow access to the next DZ area. Once a zone is unlocked the outside safe rooms would be usable by incoming and exiting players. Any new comers would be able to join thru those safe house or just thru DZ-1. Upon getting to DZ-9 the final area, that zone would have a single world boss which would take the combined efforts of at least 3 full teams or 12+ players to bring him down. Once the world boss has been eliminated, a timer starts to give players time to exit before the entire DZ resets back to the start.

I have more ideas and generally make them in to videos on my YouTube channel which is easier for me to talk about the ideas vs just writing them down.

For More Details:

teaser video

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