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4 months ago by markblake

Hello everyone,

I have a question that I have to ask. As of this moment i am a Dance photographer. I have taken pictures for Recital, and Costume pictures at the studio. My last shoot, i took over 3500 pictures over a period of 5 days at the studio. To complete the order we print out order forms for them to fill out.

They decide if they want a USB drive for the pictures, Print package, Which include a memory Matte as well. Then as i take the pictures of there kids, and the group we put the Image number on the order form.

I have to come home and sort everything out, upload the pictures for prints for them to choice what ones they want and so fourth. Is there an easier way to do this. Maybe electronically?

I can't have orders done and printed from my site because of the picture package i offer, the first one is 15.00 which includes 8x10, 5x7, & sheet of wallets. Then any other print package is 8.00 each. My site can process that only Individual prints.

I am asking what everyone else does when shooting allot of pictures with diffent kids, costumes and such. I am looking for something that affords a quick way of proccessing the orders.

Thank you

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