Can't turn system icons on or off, excluding the clock icon
9 months ago by Donni Clark

The title pretty much says it all. I can only turn the clock system icon on/off. Everything else is grayed out. Now, when I go to the taskbar, click customize and navigate to the power, network, volume, and action center, they are all checked on "show icons and notifications." However when I navigate to "turn system icons on or off" they all are grayed out, except the clock. Now I'm using an HP tx2z which has quick launch buttons. From there I can change the power plan, see my network status and change the volume; however, I can't do this on the task bar.
All this happened randomly when I logged on and off my laptop. I've tried restarting numerous times, shutting down, create a new power plan, cleaning the registry,. I've tried opening the local group policy editor and disabling the "Remove Battery Meter" option as outlined in this similar question however there is no option to do so. Nor is there an option for any of the other icons that are grayed out.
Pictures showing the problem can be seen here , here , here , and here . Highlight the link to see the description. I haven't installed anything.

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