Creating A 2D and 3D Shapes Game
2 months ago by albertalley

I'm working on developing an educational game using processing which will utilize 2D and 3D shapes

The game is for my Novel Interaction Design course. I know that this might be too specific but I hope someone can help with this. I went through a lot of tutorials online but I can't seem to find anything specific to help with coding the game.

The game is a simple 3 stage game which will use Tracked Objects for 2 stages (1 stage for 2D and one for 3D) where the player will drag a shape onto the screen and the info about the shape will be presented (similar to the TUIO simulator model) and the final third stage would let the user play a game similar to the Food Catcher game template but with 2D and 3D shapes instead.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Please help.

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Animated Storytelling Video

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