D3-FNC Ballistic Shield Health Capped?
4 months ago by albertalley

On end game PVE missions like Legendary Time Square or Warren Gate, I find this gearset to be unsustainable given the amount of damage the NPC's dish out. Even with combat medic that helps heal the shield I find it insufficient to avoid getting melted in the first wave. I was playing solo without teammates overhealing me. With the reduce mobility I find the Nomad gearset more effective for survivalbility than D3-FNC.

If the shield health is based off something other than electronics or skill power, please let me know. If there is a hard cap may I suggest that it be removed. Allowing players to spec more into electronics to get a stronger shield would give them the option of making that trade-off of sacrificing firepower or toughness to achieve it. Right now, D3-FNC can't play the tank role and take the aggro in end game missions.

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