How to Change the Default Login User for the Client?
6 months ago by albertalley


I have the v13 Client installed on each users Mac workstation and when they need to connect to the server, they start the v13 Client and it automatically has their name as the default login user. This has worked fine for years, UNTIL I login as the Administrator (Designer) one time on their Mac workstation to fix an issue with the structure file.

Now, the default user is the Administrator (Designer) when ever they use the v13 Client to login to the server. I have removed and reloaded the Client. I have removed the 4D folder from the \Library\Application Support folder. I have removed the \Library\Preferences folder. But nothing works. Every time the user tries to log in using the Client, the default login username is Adminstrator (Designer) instead of their name (Richard Howard) like it has worked for years until I logged in.

Any thoughts or help to fix this issue would be appreciated.

For More Details Installation Video

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