Is 3D Printing the End of Injection Molding?
5 months ago by albertalley

Some analysts of the manufacturing industry insist that the rise of 3D printing is the demise of injection molding. It is true that there are cases where 3D printing is preferred over injections molding, but the reports about the end of injection molding are essentially made by people with a vested interest and are untrue or exaggerated.

Plastic injection molding is in no danger of fading anytime soon and will continue to hold a great deal of the market share when it comes to creating plastic parts. Despite the recent advances in 3D printing technology, more than 80% of plastic parts manufactured today are injection molded.

When asked “which technique should I use to manufacture my parts?” any serious specialist would say, “It totally depends.” It depends on variables like material type, cost, quality, and quantity of course.

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