Is it possible to tell a Built Application which Data File to open
6 months ago by albertalley


Is it possible to tell a v13 "Built Stand-Alone Application" which Data File to open when it is launched?

I've tried with the data_file attribute in a .4DLink file, but it doesn't seem to work.

I've tried it from the command line with the data file path as a parameter, using every switch I can think of, including no switch at all.

So far nothing works. It just attempts to open the last data file that was opened by the structure.

I'm attempting to write an automated update function for "Built Stand-Alone Applications", but I can't work out how to tell the updated app to open the data file that was in use prior to the update. Without being able to specify the data file to open, there's not much point in an auto update feature

Any ideas anyone?

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