MKS Gen 1.4 Board RGB LED Help
5 months ago by albertalley

I'm looking for help with the MKS Gen 1.4 Board.
I just finished building the FT-5 from Folgertech.
I'm trying to add in the RGB LED's to use them as print status lights.
In the firmware I changed the PINS to be D11 (Red).. D6 (Green)...D5 (Blue)...D4 (White)..
I also enabled the #define RGBW_LED on line 1502 in the stock FT-5 FW..
I wired those 4 signal pins individually to a 4 channel Arduino relay control board.
No matter what I do though, those 4 pins are NC and the relay is activated turning on all the lights at once.
I tried the M150 G-code that should allow me to control those 4 pins individually but no luck.
They all remain NC no matter what I do. Am I missing something that should be allowing me to control those 4 pins? Or are those the incorrect pins?

Please help.


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