No flying on Argus - broken promise?
about 2 months ago by albertalley

Remember this Dev Watercooler? It was said there, that "Unlocking flying via mastering content on a ground on one character - is general blueprint going forward for content to come". Don't you think, that no flying on Argus breaks this promise?

I want to clarify one thing. Biggest question isn't why Argus as it is now doesn't have flying. Answer is obvious - because it's designed without flying in mind. Biggest question is why it has been designed without flying in mind in a first place, after it had been promised, that flying would be granted for mastering ground content on one character in all future content? I.e. we don't actually ask Blizzard to enable flying on Argus, cuz it's design is so bad, that flying wouldn't help anyway. We ask them to never make such no-flying only locations again.
Only BC and MOP had no-flying content in last patches of xpack. All other xpacks had them in a middle of xpack - and therefore such content could have been simply skipped without any harm for culmination of xpack's story and progression of your character.

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