Photo retouching work rights legal question
4 months ago by markblake


I am a photo retoucher and I have been cooperating with one photographer for a long time. Now we had an issue: I refused to do the time consuming work for 10$. He got mad and said he won't work with me any more plus some abuse, and that I cannot use his pictures in my portfolio any more.

Do I have the right to post the images I edited for him in my portfolio? The photographer is mad and I want to be sure that legally I don't break any rights.
But I have the credit for the picture, because I did the editing.

I don't show the "before" image. I always put the photographer's and retoucher's name. I know that I am not allowed to post the images in my portfolio before they are in production (magazine).

Thanks for help in advance.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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