Please stop using VOIP phones.
4 months ago by albertalley

As a consultant mainly offering my services via the telephone, call quality can have a significant impact on how successful (or arduous) my day's work is. It wasn't many years ago that if I had to call a landline I'd know i'd probably get a decent call, or if I had to call a mobile there was the possibility it could be a bit dodgy. Then, along came VOIP, turning every call into a possible nightmare.

I know that the VOIP companies have all sorts of technical 'selling points', based on how good VOIP call quality is (from a purely technical perspective), and they will always find a way to blame another link in the chain for a bad call, but this doesn't change the fact that the service can end up being a bit crap.

If you use VOIP in your business, and especially if you divert to a mobile, (or use a softphone app) find a way to keep track of call quality.

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