should this 3D game have used a 2D game engine?
2 months ago by albertalley

I am correct, the game is currently using a 3D game engine (Unity?) . Isn't that a little overkilled for a 2D game? I mean, the 3D effects are nice and all, but is it truly neccessary?
Hearthstone client is now 1.4gb, where as it could have been little about 100mb, technically speaking. (Games like Clash of Clans are ~50mb).
I don't know the reason for Hearthstone being 1.4gb. But one first and foremost advantage of converting it to 2D is compatability with older mobile device, which means more users. It is smaller, has less loading time, even on PC, less noise from CPU fan. It probably means rewriting the whole game, but it thinks it is worth it, even on the financial aspects.

Please help.

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