Your desktop 3D printer is really an IoT device in disguise
7 months ago by markblake

Depending on whose numbers turn out to be right, there will be somewhere between 20 and 200 billion "things" connected to the internet by 2020. We all know about the connected light bulbs and cameras, but so many other devices will be tied into the internet, ranging from cars to home appliances.

In the business and industrial space, expect a level of hyper-growth that eclipses even that of consumer use. Most smartly run businesses are obsessed with metrics, with control, and with careful management. There is also the value-add of being able to control and manage devices remotely and through mobile connections.

Production machinery, sensors, and even office gear can now all be connected to corporate networks, and, through those networks, to the internet at large. Therefore, we can expect vast armies of enterprise devices with their own IP addresses.

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