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3D Print Artists
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Check these amazing 3D print artists! Download the page below and click on the links to go to the artists portfolio.

Ashley Zelinskie - 3D sculptor involved with many print shows and museums.

Barry X Ball- Barry X Ball makes stone portraits that push the physical and conceptual boundaries of sculpture

Bathsheba Grossman- Explores 3D mathematical artwork, often using 3D Print technology

Cosmo Wennman – 3D sculptor and designer involved in many 3d sculpting projects.

Dann Chterit - Having worked as a product designer for various companies, he is also developing a collection of lamps, using 3D printing technology.

Freedom of Creation - A design house that produces amazing works for consumers using 3D technology

Janne Kyttanen - 3D artist who often uses 3D Print technology in his amazing works

Jeff Koons - is one of the most famous Contemporary Artists in the world.His replica of the Liberty Bell was 3D scanned and then 3D rendered with CAD software. It is currently on display at the Whitney Museum.

Jim Stanis - 3D Modeler and Animator involved in 3D art and print exhibits.

Joshua Harker - Artist, sculptor, musician, digital adventurer, imagination architect, troublemaker

Laura West - Operates RPSculpt, which attempts to create art using new rapid prototyping tools and approaches

MGX - Shop for amazing furniture artwork created with 3D printing technology

Robert Geshlider - Amazing limited run composite sculptures made from multiple 3D prints

SMArchitecture - Experimental design using advanced fabrication tech

Sophie Kahn - New York-based digital artist, working with 3D printing and 3D laser scanning

UNFOLD Design Studio - A wide variety of interesting designs, some for sale

3D Print Artists Download

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