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3D Print Material / Accessories
Posted by 3DP4E

Looking for filament and material for your 3D printer? Download the page below for a full list of clickable links to different providers!

3DHacker - A multipurpose site offering parts, material, information and other good stuff

Bucktown Polymers - Sells liquid polymers for photo-cured resin 3D printers

Fabberworld - Swiss-based 3D printing shop

Faberdashery - Sells a wide variety of colorful PLA filament by the meter or in spools

FormFutura - Offers a good selection of plastic filaments

MakerBot - MakerBot's store offers a huge selection of plastic filaments

MakerGear - Focused on 3D printer kits and parts; sells several types of plastic

MadeSolid - Sells Filament (ABS, PLA, PET, PET+)

Ninja Flex - Sells Filament (Flexible, ABS, PLA)

Orbi-Tech - Sells print material, including an amazing flexible PLA

Plastic Webshop - ABS and PLA filament in multiple sizes and colors

RepRapCentral - RepRap based equipment & material, including full 3D printer kits

RepRapPro - RepRap-Zbased equipment & material, including full 3D printer kits

RepRapSource - Sells a variety of items for RepRap-based equipment, including full 3D printer kits

Ultimachine - Sells parts, kits and plastic, focused on RepRap equipment

3D Print Materials and Accessories Download
3D Print Materials and Accessories Download

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