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3D Printing Services
Posted by 3DP4E

Here's a page of the best 3D Printing Services out there. Download the page below for links to all the services!

3D Printing Price Check - Compare prices for a given 3D model among six different services

3D ProParts - One of the largest 3D Print Services, owned by 3D Systems

Figulo - A 3D print service specializing in Ceramics.

i.Materialise - 3D print service focusing on individual and personal applications

Impression - 3D - 3D print service based in France

Industrial Plastic Fabrication - A UK based 3D print service offering a variety of capabilities

KraftWurx - A comprehensive, distributed 3D print service

Materialise - Another large 3D Print Service, offering a variety of capabilities focusing on industrial applications

Ponoko - A distributed manufacturing service, offering 3D printing as one of its many features

QuickParts- A large custom parts service, owned by 3D Systems

PrintTo3D - A small custom 3D print shop

RedEye On Demand - The services arm of Stratasys, offering a wide variety of capabilities

Sculpteo - A consumer-oriented 3D print service offering some customized design services

Shapeways - A unique, consumer-oriented 3D Print Service with a vast library of objects and large selection of print materials

3D Printing Services Download
3D Printing Services Download
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My name is Mike! I represent Archicgi 3d rendering company.
Thanks for yours post, I really like it and want to know can I publish it at our site

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Posted on April 25, 2014

By Michael Molitch-Hou | 3D Printing Industry

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Posted on July 3, 2014

If you want to build your own 3D models on your web browser download the page below for a link to all these fantastic 3D modeling sites!