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Do it Yourself Kits
Posted by 3DP4E

If you're looking for an inexpensive and customizable personal 3D printer, why not look at the page below! Download the page and click on the links provided for access to the sites.

B9Creator - Produces kits for an open source resin-based personal 3D printer

eMAKERShop - Produces RepRap kits and parts for assembly

Eventorbot - Produces designs and parts for a low cost, self-reproducible personal 3D printer

Fab@Home - An open source project providing instructions (and sometimes parts) for an extrusion-based 3D Printer

Fabbster- A personal 3D printer kit using unique injection-molded plastic filament

MakerGear - A longstanding 3D printer kit option with accessories and supplies

MakersToolWorks - Produces kits using their MendelMax design

MakiBOX - Very inexpensive personal 3D printer kits

pwdr - An open source 3D printer using a fused powder approach instead of a plastic extrusion process

RepRap - The academic and open source research project focusing on the application of new technology for inexpensive 3D printers. Their objective: to make a machine that can replicate itself

SumPod - A low cost unit combining CNC and 3D printing in one box

Printrbot - DIY build your own 3D Printer

Do It Yourself Kits Download

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