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Makerspace Resources
Posted by 3DP4E

Learn what tools are available to plan, fund, build, maintain, grow or join a Makerspace in your community! - Wiki of hackerspaces around the world. - A fantastic Makerspace start-up guide.

The Maker Map - Find a Makerspace near you! - An online community of Makers brought to you by Make magazine.

The Makery - Pop-up Makerspaces around New York City

The Makerspace Workbench - 300 pages of Makerspace knowledge put together in one book - Listings for Makerspace Meetups

Make Space - Book on setting the stage for creative collaboration

New York Hall of Science - Host of the New York Maker Faire - 5013c non-profit organization who help build and fund community Makerspaces

TechShop - Hackerspace with multiple locations around the country offering a variety of classes and memberships.

The Science Museum of Minnesota - State of the art applied educational research and development center

The Tinkering Studio - An immersive creative venue at the Exploratorium in San Francisco

Makerspace Resources

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Posted on July 3, 2014

If you want to build your own 3D models on your web browser download the page below for a link to all these fantastic 3D modeling sites!

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Posted on April 21, 2014

By Paulina Perepelkin | Addictive Fashion