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Professional 3D Modeling Software
Posted by 3DP4E

If you want to work with a high level of design and modeling, download the page below for links to all the professional 3D modeling software!

3DS Max - High-end commercial 3D modeling tool

Arnarkik 3D Design - Amazing haptic-based 3D modeling software (requires haptic input device)

AC3D- Inexpensive multiplatform 3D modeling tool

Alibre - Comprehensive but lower cost 3D modeling system

AutoCAD - Well-known 3D design toolCheetah3D-Easy to use 3D modeling tool for OS/X

FormZ - Commercial product offering not only modeling but comprehensive import/export functions

GeoMagic - High-end 3D modeling, haptic and reverse engineering software

Maya - High-end commercial 3D modeling tool

Magics - Software for the rapid prototyping and manufacturing professional

NetFabb - Commercial product focusing on preparing models for 3D printing (Free Basic version available)

RapidForm - High-end 3D reverse engineering tool

Rhino3D - Commercial 3D modeling tool

SolidWorks - High-end commercial 3D modeling tool

ZBrush- High-end commercial 3D modeling tool

Professional 3D Modeling Software Download

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Posted on April 25, 2014

By Michael Molitch-Hou | 3D Printing Industry

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