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We are a group of professionals with over 20 years experience in the Jewelry Industry. Our backgrounds include casting, finishing, modelmaking, and CAD/CAM.

We specialize in output, CAD design, training and consulting for fine detailed output. We have spent extensive hours in development of support and build styles specific to Jewelry, Accessories, Watch, Giftware, Tabletop and Advertising-Specialty Industries.

We also have the capacity to output with Wax Printers and CNC milling machines.

We provide a full range of services from 3D Digital Output, 3D scanning, jewelry manufacturing services and full CAD Design from your rendering or idea.

We also provide consulting services to assist you with setting up your own digital design systems in-house.

We can recommend changes in your design to facilitate easier production and finishing of your product.


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3D Printing Service


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Upload your files on our site or drop by our store to bring your 3D designs to life.

Remember, the more details that your specifications contain will allow us to produce a part that most resembles your original design at the most cost effective price

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