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We want to help people not only improve their business processes but also become creators of things. We are a relatively new company based in Canada’s Silicon Valley—Ottawa, Ontario.

At 3Dprintler, we’re excited about a future with 3D printing because we see that it will empower people to imagine, feel and create. It brings efficiency to traditional manufacturing processes while pushing the boundaries of design.

As such, we are proud to be one of the only companies to provide comprehensive 3D-printing services, from consulting and design to printing and marketing.

For your convenience, we offer dual-colour capability and use ABS, PLA and PVA engineering materials for countless applications.


3Dprintler has not added any services yet.

Latest News

Today is a great day, because today we are officially funded on Kickstarter! Again, thank you for your support!

But it’s a great day for more than one reason: today, we’re happy to announce some fantastic new partnerships that will make growing with 3Dponics simpler, more convenient and more efficient. To better our 3D printing service, we’re teaming up with these four companies:


It’s always been a priority of ours to ensure you get your 3D-printed 3Dponics components as quickly and easily as you wish to have them. Unfortunately though, it’s not always easy for us, in Ottawa, ON., to print and ship parts across the world and have them arrive quickly and at a reasonable rate for you. We needed a solution. After some trial and error, we finally have one.


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