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Crayon Creatures is a service to turn children’s drawings into figurines; nice looking designer objects to decorate the home and office with a colorful touch of wild creativity.

Children drawings are weird and beautiful.
Kids produce an immense amount of drawings that populate fridges, living rooms and workspaces of parents, family & friends.
Those drawings are amazing, we love them.

Here you can turn those drawings into a sculptures.

We will bring to life the kid’s artwork by modeling a digital object and turning it into a real thing using 3D Printing technology.


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3D Printing


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Your figurine will be uniquely designed by a skilled 3D artist.

Each order is created on demand. Please allow at least 3 weeks for making & shipping:

We will design your figurine in the following days.
Once ready, we will send it to our production house where your figurine will be made. (this takes around 8 business days).
You'll receive your figurine via UPS or Registered Mail.

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