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3D Designers 3D Files 3D Printing Services is an online design utility service to convert images, pictures, or other jpg/jpeg files into 3d meshes in STL format for MakerBot 3d Printing or CNC router relief designs.

Low resolution (108,800 Facets) renderings are provided free of charge. High resolution renderings cost $5 per rendering, as they take much more resources to complete.

Embossify works by tesselating a jpeg pixel by pixel until it has created a topographic model of the brightness of the jpeg.

STL files can be used for both additive and subtractive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing is common with 3d printing. Subtractive manufacturing use CNC routers.


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Convert your pictures or drawings into 3d objects, jpegs into 3d STL files for 3d Meshes for 3d printing, CNC routing, lithophanes, reliefs, or other 3d design elements.

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Create 3d coins from jpegs or other images into a 3d printable template STL file

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