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HoneyPoint3D is a dedicated 3D Printing and Scanning Retail Store. We offer pay per prints, educational classes, printer and accessories sales, 3D CAD file generation, rapid prototyping and 3D Scanning services. We are open Wednesday through Sunday, and by appointment. You can submit a quote online, call us at 510-516-6127 or email us:


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Rapid Prototyping


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Rapid Prototyping turns your inner inventor into a full fledged creator! HoneyPoint3D will work with you from start to finish on your project, helping you turn your ideas and concepts into 3D printable models and/or prints. We can start with a verbal description, a hand drawing, a CAD file or a regular photo. We can help both CAD professionals and the general retail public get a prototype!

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Including Intro 101, Intro 101 for Kids, Artists and Designers, Investing in 3D printing, Intro to 3D scanning

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HoneyPoint3D is excited to offer full service scanning as well! If you have taken our Intro class, you will have seen a demo of lower-quality scanning via the consumer device called a Microsoft Kinect. The scanners we have for our professional services are about 100x more accurate than the Kinect, and can even scan something as fine as human fingerprints!

Scanning takes existing shapes and turns them into full 3D files. Sometimes the design process is better served by our 3D design artists, and some times scanning is the only way to faithfully capture organic textures and shapes. We help you decide which is the right choice for you!

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Latest News

Our First Retail Store Opened October 5th, 2013*
* Six more Bay Area locations planned for 2014!!


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