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3D Printing Services

InterPRO delivers 3D printing, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing and low-volume production services to companies that research, develop and manufacture new products. We are a team of experienced engineers, model makers, painters and manufacturing professionals who have been delivering 3D printing solutions since 1988. InterPRO is ITAR certified by the U.S. State Department and is ISO 9000 compliant. InterPRO is in its 18th year of operation in Deep River, Connecticut.

Services we offer include:

CNC machining
Cast urethane prototypes
Silicone prototypes
CAD support
Injection molding
Very high quality appearance models
Medical prototypes for research and surgical planning.


Name Description

Custom Presentation Models


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InterPRO offers professional design services using SolidWorks.
Our CAD support services include:

2D drafting
3D solid modeling
2D to 3D file conversion
Reverse engineering

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Bridge Tooling


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Your design has been approved, and production tooling has been ordered. But right now you need 200 to 20,000 injection-molded parts as quickly as possible. Bridge tooling helps you bridge this gap between prototyping and high volume production.

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Short Run Production Injection Modeling


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Once your design has been prototyped and tested, InterPRO can deliver low to medium-volume injection molded parts in ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon, Polypropylene and almost any other thermoplastic material using bridge (prototype) tooling. Our injection molding team has decades of experience in mold design, mold build and production. Depending on the needs of your project, we can build your mold using either aluminum or steel.

We will help you determine which prototyping and production process will be right for your project, and help you optimize your design for molding and product performance. Our process allows mold construction using hand pick-outs and automated cam actions. Part geometry, regardless of complexity is not a problem.

InterPRO has recently added 1200 square feet of manufacturing space dedicated to injection molding. In addition to our in-house team, we have a strong network of American mold designers and mold builders who compliment our capabilities.

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CAD Support


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InterPRO offers professional design services using SolidWorks.
Our CAD support services include:

2D drafting
3D solid modeling
2D to 3D file conversion
Reverse engineering

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Latest News

We now offer 9 SLA systems in house!
We just installed two high resolution SLA Viper systems, and two large frame SLA systems.

Viper quality parts are the industry standard for high resolution, excellent detail and accuracy. With a total of four large frame SLA systems, we are providing much faster delivery... especially on very large parts.

We have also added six more SLA resins, giving you a wider selection of material properties to choose from.

With this increase in our SLA production capabilities, we can now ship your order in as little as 24 hours.

Somos NeXt SLA with master finish Ultra clear SLA

More SLA materials options to choose from

SOMOS 11122XC clear, ABS-like, water resistant, almost colorless, medical Class VI approved
SOMOS NeXt ABS-like, extremely durable, high impact resistance, off-white in appearance. Great for functional testing and low-volume manufacturing
SOMOS 18420 ABS-like, off-white
SOMOS 10122 Acrylic-like, colorless, great for highly clear bottles
SOMOS Nanotool
Ceramic filled, highly rigid, 500 F Heat Deflection
Accura 7545 polypro-like, translucent, great for snap fits
Xtreme Grey flexible, durable, ABS-like
Accura 60 PC-like, translucent, rigid, excellent detail
SOMOS Prototherm Translucent red, good strength, high temp and water resistance



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